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Thank you for visiting Beer Tap T-Shirt, we are a small family owned business in Jacksonville florida. We began making the Beer Tap Tshirt in 2009. That was a wonderful year. Who would have thought a Tshirt with a Bottle opener attached. Tshirt or is it tee shirt who knows or cares. I do know what I care about and that is Tshirts, Tshirts with funny designs, Tshirts with my Beer Tap Brand and of course Tshirts with Bottle Openers attached. You may find a few people out there who say there shirt has an opener on it too this may be the case, however My bottle opener is ergonomic, made from space aged material and will clean your car(not really) but you can throw the Tshirt in the washer and you can even dry the Tshirt. The bottle bottle opener will still perform like a 21 year old college student. This Tshirt will not damage your drier. Actually my Bottle Tshirt can be found on several sights this is why I know our Bottle Opener Tshirt is the best.

What is Beer Tap Tshirts, why the name, well I'm creative. Heck I came up with a shirt with a bottle opener on it I figured it sounded better than Bottle opener T shirts plus in the land of the internet one must chose there name wisely. Yea a Tap is attached to a keg but a tap is the tool one uses to obtain beer. Think of this scenerio: you are at the beach with no bottle opener and you by chance have some cool Fat Tire beers (One of my favorites; I grew up in Colorado) the Ladies or Gents start to surround you and a couple of lookers ask for a beer. You could do a few things 1) Use your teeth 2) find a shell 3) scrape the poop off the bottom of your flip flop and use your bottle opening flip flops 4) Finally use your funny T shirt with a clean bottle opener attached. Of course #4 is the answer! First of all a funny Tshirt design you pick will draw in your prey, then you offered them the fantastic libation your beer. If you chewed the top off you may be looked down on (of course this depends on where you are) scraping poop out of your flip flop and giving them a beer, definitely not a good idea. A shell, looks good on paper but what will happen is you will try the shell, it will splinter, slice your wrist, explode, and shell schrapnel will fly everywhere. Slicing all the girls and boys; everyone will have to go to the hospital; you will be tried for attempted murder and no one will enjoy the Fat Tire Beers. BOOM Beer Tap T-shirt is the obvious answer. Lets recap, the funny Tshirt brings in the prey, you offer a beer using your shirt you open it, and pass out the beers. At this point you are becoming everyones hero. The remainder of the day beers are consumed, phone numbers, emails and facebook friends and accepted. You now have the perfect life.

I remember the days while in college watching girls look weak and feebel trying to open a beer. Those days are gone, pretty little girls with soft hands can now own a Beer Tap Tshirt or Tank Top. Both items will have a nice design whether she wants a Humorous Tee shirt or a designer T-shirt.